Kate and William

The royal wedding is here after more than a year of preparation. I love to follow love stories especially when the people in love are popular. In fact, I finished reading the book for only two nights. All love stories have their unique story line. I figured out that Kate set her goal in winning the prince’s heart. It’s love definitely but the would-be princess won the man by being true to herself.

I hope that the couple will live happily ever after by walking the other path that my idol Princess Diana once passed.

The Nail



As I contemplate today, I ask myself, how far have I sacrificed for mankind? I imagine the nail hammered in Jesus’ hand. He saved us. I constantly believe that the celebration of Lent is a wake-up call. We have the option when to wake up.

I’m so blessed. I believe so. I commit sins but I am still a recipient of countless blessings. I carry heavy loads for my loved ones. Even for strangers. Thank God, my family is never against it. At times, I feel empty and discouraged. But I always stood up and continue His call.

Today, I still have the courage to move on. For mankind sake.