The Nail



As I contemplate today, I ask myself, how far have I sacrificed for mankind? I imagine the nail hammered in Jesus’ hand. He saved us. I constantly believe that the celebration of Lent is a wake-up call. We have the option when to wake up.

I’m so blessed. I believe so. I commit sins but I am still a recipient of countless blessings. I carry heavy loads for my loved ones. Even for strangers. Thank God, my family is never against it. At times, I feel empty and discouraged. But I always stood up and continue His call.

Today, I still have the courage to move on. For mankind sake.

Hi, everyone!

Today is the start of blogging my life. This will be my expression venue that would surely be a source of strength of my visitors.

Meaningful Coincidence

I have read various books on mind conditioning. The books “The Secret” and “The Power” written by Rhonda Byrne made me realize that I’m different because I had been following the Law of Attraction even during my childhood. I remember when I was in grade school when I would pray for things that I wanted. After figuring out the realization of my requests, I ended up happy with the results. A lot of surprises popped out before me by just believing, of course, by relying on God’s will.

After reading another reference and working it out for my next goal, I concluded that the Manifestation Action Plan by Bruce Muzik is just like a prayer but I now call it “organized prayer”. You pray, then write down what you want and do the things to realize your goals. More blogs are coming when I’m done with my first plan.

Some meaningful coincidences were observed. I will surely give updates.