What Our Thoughts Are Echoing To Us?

When I am all alone, I wonder why so many people come to me complaining about their lives. The complaints range from nothing to eat to getting a job. After learning a lot from the teachings of Rhonda Byrne and Louise Hay, I can tell where I am when it comes to what I bring into my life.

I figured out two things why this is happening. One, I am attracting complainants because I also complain about my life secretly. There are times when I couldn’t avoid thinking about negativities. This mindset, I realize, is the reason. Then another way I attract these people is I don’t want to hear complaints. The vibration on not wanting something builds more power to bring to me what I do not want.

Fast forward, when I am able to help somebody in whatever capacity, I feel so blessed especially when I hear the words “Thank you” and “You’re so kind.” By focusing on helping others through kindness, I am creating kind and wonderful vibrations into my life. I have a lot of testimonies regarding how the blessings I share multiplied a thousand fold. I am not sharing money but oftentimes, I share my time and talent.

You can start now. Take a moment to think about an experience you had that resulted to the same or even better experience. Take notice of these moments and find out the good results they bring about. By echoing the vibration you create, it will surely bring more into your life.
Focus on the positive side of each and every situation when others talk to you. Then focus on what you love about what they are telling you. Focus on what you enjoy in life. Focus on the truth. The rest will no longer be your obligation. What you sow, you will reap. You create your life. Just trust.