Christmas Celebration

For a change, Christmas will be celebrated by the family outside our home. We are looking for a new restaurant to dine and I am suggesting to my kids another Singaporean cuisine. Instead of waiting for people to come to our house, we’ll be visiting some people whose lives we want to touch.

Finding a School

This is the time for choosing the school suited to the needs of your child. For well to do families, there are a lot of good schools they could choose from. I read the article of Ms. Noemi Dado (A Filipina Mom Blogger) and I’m sure, I’ll be following this up.

I find this article worth reading before deciding to enrol your kids in the school of your choice.

“How To Pay Zero Penalties”

Taxpayers always reason out that they are late in compliance in submission of tax requirements simply because they are not aware of the deadline. It’s December and time to register all manual books of accounts. Small taxpayers still use manual recording of accounting entries. A penalty of Php 1,000 is imposed for late stamping. So better include BIR in your itinerary this month for the deadline is every December 31. You don’t have to wait for the deadline. Be free before Christmas. It’s more likely that you will forget to do this.

For those who are using computerized accounting systems, the deadline for registration is January 31 of each year. The book-bound printed accounting documents are submitted to BIR for stamping and encoding in the Integrated Tax Systems.

BIR Form 1905 shall be filled out in 2 copies to register these books.

Save money by just remembering the dates. Pay zero penalties!

Meaningful Coincidence

I have read various books on mind conditioning. The books “The Secret” and “The Power” written by Rhonda Byrne made me realize that I’m different because I had been following the Law of Attraction even during my childhood. I remember when I was in grade school when I would pray for things that I wanted. After figuring out the realization of my requests, I ended up happy with the results. A lot of surprises popped out before me by just believing, of course, by relying on God’s will.

After reading another reference and working it out for my next goal, I concluded that the Manifestation Action Plan by Bruce Muzik is just like a prayer but I now call it “organized prayer”. You pray, then write down what you want and do the things to realize your goals. More blogs are coming when I’m done with my first plan.

Some meaningful coincidences were observed. I will surely give updates.